Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера

Профессиональный ремонт кухни в городе Irving, TX


Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера: избранные отзывы

USI Design & Remodeling
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
6 июня 2012 г.
“This is the second remodel project we have done with USI Remodeling. Our master bath and bedroom project went so well and the results were so overwhelming, there was no decision in who we were going to use for our kitchen. Chris and Gordon are great listeners. They listen first and present recommendations after carefully considering several options, and their recommendations always hit the mark. Our kitchen was in need of a serious facelift and improvement to functionality. The final product is warm and inviting, modern functionality with a traditional look. It is the central meeting place in our house and everyone compliments us on its breathtaking design and flawless attention to detail. We recommend USI to everyone, and will continue to use them on all of our remodeling needs. I sum up Chris and Gordon this way, "Chris and Gordon are promise keepers."”
Signature Home Services
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
25 сентября 2012 г.
“Curb Appeal Renovation completed a complete kitchen remodel about 3.5 years ago and we are still loving it! I found CAR to meet and exceed my expectations in the following area: Design-Exactly what we discussed prior to construction was our final product (with a computer animated design) Budget-On budget! That by itself is amazing. Even with the problems encountered in remodeling a 30 yr. old kitchen they were able to anticipate and solve the situations efficiently and effectively with their vast experience. On-time- a timeline was provided for the start and stop and they stuck to it. Even with moving load bearing walls, plumbing, doors, windows workers were present when they said they would be and did the job as described. Quality-for over 3 years we have had no problems even with 3 boys! The custom cabinets are more expensive than stock, but you get what you pay for. Customer service- CAR took great strides to help control the environmental concerns with such a remodel having air filtration and appropriate dust/weather control. My oldest son has severe allergies and this is on the of the concerns we had prior to the remodel and they took great strides to accommodate our needs. Overall, I'd highly recommend CAR for your next remodel. You will not be disappointed (and no I am not paid by CAR to provide the comments above only believe they did an outstanding job for our family)”
Epic Wood Work
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
2 сентября 2015 г.
“As a Realtor I know quality work at a reasonable price is hard to find. Central Millwork is not only timely and professional but their end product is beautiful. My clients have been superbly satisfied. I look forward to using CM for my personal residence in the near future.”
WREEDONE ("re-done")
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
7 октября 2018 г.
“I’ve worked with Wil Reed on several complex renovations to my home to include master bathroom, kitchen and utility room. In every project Wil was professional, focusing on detail, quality and customer satisfaction. His price points were reasonable, based on other competitive bids I obtained during my personal research. We made several modifications while renovations were underway and Wil embraced the changes, implemented to not only our request, but made suggestions for a better change at a less aggressive cost. I will use Mr. Reed for all my future modifications, and will always provide a reference for him.”
Good Brothers Home Makeovers, LLC
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
22 октября 2017 г.
“Frank and his crew were absolutely exceptional as well as met the scheduled deadline! The remodel price was doable as well as his knowledge, work quality and ethics. He never once tried to gouge the price or change on the agreed remodel cost. We could not afford the entire remodel todo list so a couple of things were left out to do at a later date, but once the funds are available, we will definitely hire Good Brothers Home Makeover again. Also photos coming once I clean up a bit. Thanks Frank, you and your guys were awesome!!”
DFW Granite
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
17 ноября 2014 г.
“Provided granite countertops for my kitchen remodel. They are very professional in every aspect of their business, from material selection thru final installation and finishing. They keep you in the loop and you know their schedule and they meet it. They even matched some uneven walls.”
Alair Homes Plano
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
24 января 2013 г.
“Second time we have chosen Hatfield Builders to work with our remodeling projects. This time they updated our 3 spare bathrooms. If you want dependable, courteous, and very professional people in your home, Hatfield Builders is your solution to a successful project. Always a joy working with them.”
Servant Remodeling
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
24 августа 2015 г.
“We have used Servant Remodeling for two projects. (1) minor kitchen remodel (installing granite counter tops, reworking ceiling lighting, etc.); (2) replacing an old redwood deck with a concrete one (this involved removing a multi-level deck and retaining walls, installing stone-block retaining walls with footings piered to bedrock, pouring the concrete deck, and installing wrought iron railings. On both jobs their personnel were profession, competent, knowledgeable, and friendly. The work was performed quickly. We are very satisfied customers, and will use Servant Remodeling again!”
Visions Kitchen & Bath
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
10 августа 2019 г.
“I worked with Mary of Visions Kitchen & Bath a few years ago on a remodel and update to my master bathroom. Mary brought some great ideas to the table and was a great deal of help in determining what I liked/wanted and staying within a budget. I still love what we did with my space.”
Renowned Renovation
Ремонт кухни Irving, TX – студии ремонта и частные мастера
27 июня 2016 г.
“I completely remodeled my kitchen and took down walls to create an open space. My home was the first modern kitchen they built and it turned out really beautiful. The contractors were very responsive and made themselves available via email, phone/text. They work on weekends which is fantastic. There were a few hiccups along the way. Make sure your vision is put down on paper and every detail is understood and agreed upon. I did not want any crown molding at the top of my cabinets and I thought I conveyed that to my contractor. A new digital sketch was not updated and I ended up with crown molding. The kitchen still looks cool and modern but no crown molding was preferred. Renowned Renovation has been great to work with!”
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