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Стильный дизайн: большая детская с игровой в стиле фьюжн с бежевыми стенами и паркетным полом среднего тона для мальчика, ребенка от 4 до 10 лет - последний тренд
Thinkterior LLC
Thinkterior LLC
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Playroom (multi-use)

THEME The overall theme for this space is a functional, family friendly escape where time spent together or alone is comfortable and exciting. The integration of the work space, clubhouse and family entertainment area creates an environment that brings the whole family together in projects, recreation and relaxation. Each element works harmoniously together blending the creative and functional into the perfect family escape. FOCUS The two-story clubhouse is the focal point of the large space and physically separates but blends the two distinct rooms. The clubhouse has an upper level loft overlooking the main room and a lower enclosed space with windows looking out into the playroom and work room. There was a financial focus for this creative space and the use of many Ikea products helped to keep the fabrication and build costs within budget. STORAGE Storage is abundant for this family on the walls, in the cabinets and even in the floor. The massive built in cabinets are home to the television and gaming consoles and the custom designed peg walls create additional shelving that can be continually transformed to accommodate new or shifting passions. The raised floor is the base for the clubhouse and fort but when pulled up, the flush mounted floor pieces reveal large open storage perfect for toys to be brushed into hiding. GROWTH The entire space is designed to be fun and you never outgrow fun. The clubhouse and loft will be a focus for these boys for years and the media area will draw the family to this space whether they are watching their favorite animated movie or newest adventure series. The adjoining workroom provides the perfect arts and crafts area with moving storage table and will be well suited for homework and science fair projects. SAFETY The desire to climb, jump, run, and swing is encouraged in this great space and the attention to detail ensures that they will be safe. From the strong cargo netting enclosing the upper level of the clubhouse to the added care taken with the lumber to ensure a soft clean feel without splintering and the extra wide borders in the flush mounted floor storage, this space is designed to provide this family with a fun and safe space.

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