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На фото: большой, двухэтажный, коричневый дом в стиле рустика с облицовкой из камня
Braen Supply
Braen Supply
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Maintaining the Lake House Feel

Maintaining the Lake House Feel This homeowner came into Braen Supply looking for advice on choosing a stone to match his lake house. With cedar shake siding already in place the benefits of using warmer earth tones to keep the lake house feel in place was discussed. To compliment the project the homeowner was looking for a patio and walkway stone that would pair perfectly with the thin veneer that was chosen for the landscape and retaining walls. Norwegian Buff was the perfect match for the area around the pool as well as for the walkway leading to the home. Working With the Experts The experts at Braen Supply were able to find the perfect material to meet the homeowner’s needs and then used that to find materials for the facade, patio, walkway and steps. Together they were able to achieve the perfect blend of colors and stones to keep the lake house look and feel the homeowner loved.