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Пример оригинального дизайна: маленький коридор в скандинавском стиле с белыми стенами и светлым паркетным полом для на участке и в саду
Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio
Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio
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Hurst Avenue Residence

This hallway was part of a larger remodel of an attic space which included the hall, master bedroom, bathroom and nursery. Painted a brilliant white and borrowing light from the frosted, glass inset nursery and bedroom doors, this light hardwood space is lined on one side with custom, built-in storage. Making the most of the sloping eave space and pony wall, there is room for stacking, hanging and multiple drawer depths, very versatile storage. The cut-out pulls and toe-kick registers keep the floor and walkway clear of any extrusions. The hall acts as an extension of the bedrooms, with the narrow bench providing a resting place while getting ready in the morning. All photos: Josh Partee Photography

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