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Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: одноэтажный частный загородный дом среднего размера в стиле модернизм с облицовкой из металла, крышей-бабочкой и белой крышей
Robert M. Cain, Architect
Robert M. Cain, Architect
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Holly Hill House

Holly Hill, a retirement home, whose owner's hobbies are gardening and restoration of classic cars, is nestled into the site contours to maximize views of the lake and minimize impact on the site. Holly Hill is comprised of three wings joined by bridges: A wing facing a master garden to the east, another wing with workshop and a central activity, living, dining wing. Similar to a radiator the design increases the amount of exterior wall maximizing opportunities for natural ventilation during temperate months. Other passive solar design features will include extensive eaves, sheltering porches and high-albedo roofs, as strategies for considerably reducing solar heat gain. Daylighting with clerestories and solar tubes reduce daytime lighting requirements. Ground source geothermal heat pumps and superior to code insulation ensure minimal space conditioning costs. Corten steel siding and concrete foundation walls satisfy client requirements for low maintenance and durability. All light fixtures are LEDs. Open and screened porches are strategically located to allow pleasant outdoor use at any time of day, particular season or, if necessary, insect challenge. Dramatic cantilevers allow the porches to project into the site’s beautiful mixed hardwood tree canopy without damaging root systems. Guest arrive by vehicle with glimpses of the house and grounds through penetrations in the concrete wall enclosing the garden. One parked they are led through a garden composed of pavers, a fountain, benches, sculpture and plants. Views of the lake can be seen through and below the bridges. Primary client goals were a sustainable low-maintenance house, primarily single floor living, orientation to views, natural light to interiors, maximization of individual privacy, creation of a formal outdoor space for gardening, incorporation of a full workshop for cars, generous indoor and outdoor social space for guests and parties.