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На фото: двухэтажный, бежевый частный загородный дом среднего размера в стиле кантри с комбинированной облицовкой с
Corinthian Fine Homes
Corinthian Fine Homes
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Brackets and Roof Overhang

These homeowners relocated to Indianapolis and wanted a traditional home in the Meridian Hills area that offered family living space off the kitchen. “It’s what we were used to, but we had trouble finding exactly what we were looking for.” They spent a lot of time thinking about the possibilities of a remodel. They had space both within and outside the house that were under-utilized and decided to embark on a significant renovation project. We endeavored to completely rework the current floor plan in hopes of addressing all their needs and wants. Plans included relocating the kitchen, moving the exterior walls by a couple of feet, raising the ceiling, and moving the office. The results of these changes were dramatic. Additionally the family now enjoys a larger and updated entrance with storage and closets that is perfect for their two active daughters and two often muddy labs, a beautiful kitchen with improved functionality that is filled with tons of natural light, as well as a cozy hearth room, ideal for relaxing together as a family. The once neglected screened porch is now a unique and inviting office with workspace for everyone. Once these improvements were made the view to the back of the house was now apparent, the couple decided to enhance their outdoor living space as well. We added a new patio, a custom pergola, water feature and a fire pit. “Now it’s a private spot to relax and connect with the outdoors. It really highlights the style of the house and we love it,” says the homeowner.

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