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Свежая идея для дизайна: большая хозяйская спальня: освещение в морском стиле с бежевыми стенами, ковровым покрытием, серым полом и обоями на стенах - отличное фото интерьера
Timothy James Interiors
Timothy James Interiors
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Beachy Bedroom

COUNTRY HOUSE INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT We were thrilled to be asked to provide our full interior design service for this luxury new-build country house, deep in the heart of the Lincolnshire hills. Our client approached us as soon as his offer had been accepted on the property – the year before it was due to be finished. This was ideal, as it meant we could be involved in some important decisions regarding the interior architecture. Most importantly, we were able to input into the design of the kitchen and the state-of-the-art lighting and automation system. This beautiful country house now boasts an ambitious, eclectic array of design styles and flavours. Some of the rooms are intended to be more neutral and practical for every-day use. While in other areas, Tim has injected plenty of drama through his signature use of colour, statement pieces and glamorous artwork. FORMULATING THE DESIGN BRIEF At the initial briefing stage, our client came to the table with a head full of ideas. Potential themes and styles to incorporate – thoughts on how each room might look and feel. As always, Tim listened closely. Ideas were brainstormed and explored; requirements carefully talked through. Tim then formulated a tight brief for us all to agree on before embarking on the designs. METROPOLIS MEETS RADIO GAGA GRANDEUR Two areas of special importance to our client were the grand, double-height entrance hall and the formal drawing room. The brief we settled on for the hall was Metropolis – Battersea Power Station – Radio Gaga Grandeur. And for the drawing room: James Bond’s drawing room where French antiques meet strong, metallic engineered Art Deco pieces. The other rooms had equally stimulating design briefs, which Tim and his team responded to with the same level of enthusiasm.