Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Royal Oak, MI

Первоклассные специалисты по кронированию, обрезке, стрижке и другим работам с деревьями собрались на Houzz.ru в городе Royal Oak, MI. С каждым из них можно пообщаться, задать вопросы, а если компания находится довольно близко от вас - то и вызвать специалиста для решения своей проблемы. В профиле компании или частного мастера описана специфика деятельности, это может быть декоративная стрижка деревьев и кустов, санитарная обрезка или борьба с древесными вредителями. Вы сможете получить консультацию по любому из этих направлений, а также во многих смежных.


Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Royal Oak, MI: избранные отзывы

J's Tree Trimming & Removal, LLC
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Royal Oak, MI
1 мая 2017 г.
“Jason and his crew have been here several times to remove trees and do related work. They always do a great job and the prices are very rasonable”
T-Rox Stump Grinding
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Royal Oak, MI
19 апреля 2018 г.
“Chris responded right away to my request, and as soon as the bad weather cleared, he came right over and did an excellent job. Completely cleaned and removed the roots snaking everywhere too. I am thrilled! Timely and reliable, my two main requirements of anyone working at my home. Thank you so much!”
Able Tree Experts LLC
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Royal Oak, MI
13 апреля 2018 г.
“We contacted a couple of companies for quotes to remove two large pines from our backyard. Tim called back that day and came out that evening. He gave us recommendations on a couple other trees that weren't going to hang on much longer (fruit trees already past their prime) and gave a us a very reasonable quote. In total we had the two pines, a cherry, a sassafras, and an old stump cut down. Able Tree Experts was the only company we contact that actually came out to our property to look at what we wanted done - two just sent e-mail quotes without every coming out. The guys came out within a week of us calling back saying we were ready to move forward. Within two hours all the work was done and everything was cleaned up. They did a phenomenal job and other than bare spot where grass didn't grow under the pines anyways, you would never had known there were two trees growing on that side of our yard. Soon we'll get to plant a few shrubs and replacement trees that are more suited to the location and size of our yard. Very happy customer! Highly recommend for tree removal!”
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