Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA

Первоклассные специалисты по кронированию, обрезке, стрижке и другим работам с деревьями собрались на Houzz.ru в городе Agoura Hills, CA. С каждым из них можно пообщаться, задать вопросы, а если компания находится довольно близко от вас - то и вызвать специалиста для решения своей проблемы. В профиле компании или частного мастера описана специфика деятельности, это может быть декоративная стрижка деревьев и кустов, санитарная обрезка или борьба с древесными вредителями. Вы сможете получить консультацию по любому из этих направлений, а также во многих смежных.


Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA: избранные отзывы

Green All Season Tree Service Inc
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA
22 марта 2016 г.
“We hired Green All Season Tree Service to remove 4 enormous deodar cedars that had completely outgrown our yard. Oscar, Chris and the crew were very professional, neat and safe, They finished the job ahead of schedule and we couldn't be happier. They clearly knew how to deal with large trees in small spaces. Highly recommended!”
Arbor Doctor
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA
3 марта 2014 г.
“I noticed that my Cottonwood tree had black, rotting bark all over the bottom and I became very concerned that ex had root rot and were going to lose the tree. I called Bryan from Angie's list and he came out that same day to take a look. He treated the tree and I believe it can be saved. I got great information and am very happy with the work and professionalism.”
Brian’s Trees
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA
26 июля 2018 г.
“Brian is great to work with because he is very straightforward with his estimates and the amount of work that actually needs to be done. I received multiple quotes from other companies and they were trying to explain to me how complex our job was and their prices were significantly higher than Brian's. If you are looking for an honest professional than Brian is the one to call!”
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA
21 октября 2016 г.
“I am a tree lover. I like green environment around me. I remember I had the garden problem before 4 months ago, I called Evergreen Arborists Inc. They provided really great tree service. I am fully satisfied and happy with their service, I wish I would have called you earlier! Thanks, Evergreen Arborists Inc.”
EZ DuzIt Tree Service
Стрижка деревьев и кустарников Agoura Hills, CA
19 ноября 2017 г.
“We got 3 quotes before we decided to work with EZ DuzIt Tree Service. Devindra is very professional, experienced & accommodating. He topped off 25 Cypress trees, a couple of pine trees & a eucalyptus tree. It was the biggest tree trimming project we've done & we were very happy with the result. Thank you, Devindra!”
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