Пресса и блоги Placentia, CA

Здесь собрались авторы статей, размещенных на нашем сайте и другие представители прессы в городе Placentia, CA. Это блоггеры, историки, журналисты, которым можно заказать статью для газеты или журнала на интерьерную тематику. Если вам нужен совет или вы хотите задать вопрос блоггеру или журналисту - милости просим.


Пресса и блоги Placentia, CA: избранные отзывы

AJ Olson Whitfield
Пресса и блоги Placentia, CA
9 января 2018 г.
“We have worked with AJ over the years. She helped my wife and I purchase our first home, and we leaned on her again to sell it and buy our newest home. I couldn’t imagine going through the stressful process with anyone else. She is extremely knowledgeable on just about every subject that there is from the housing market, interior design, and even construction. I recommend AJ to anyone I meet because her work ethic is unmatched, and she makes the difficult process of buying and selling a home simple.”
Molly Brandenburg
Пресса и блоги Placentia, CA
15 августа 2012 г.
“Molly is a cartoonist and performer who has produced several books of cartoons about cats which I found hilarious as well as cartoons for web sites and publications on subjects as varied as politics, computer hardware and even artificial nails. I have always found her work fresh, topical and very funny.”
Shelley Gardea - Flea Market Sunday
Пресса и блоги Placentia, CA
5 марта 2015 г.
“I liked her post of Cheerful, Eclectic Modern Beach House, be it my inspiration of my own decoration of the house. it is vivid and functional which many cannot balance.”
Molly Druce
Пресса и блоги Placentia, CA
28 января 2016 г.
“Very customer oriented! The level of customer service that Molly provided was fantastic! I was very happy with her work and will be contacting her again! I highly recommend this professional!”
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