Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA

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  • Ready for a new look for your home? Specializing in interior renovations LIBZ BUILDING SYSTEMS will bring your hom...

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  • Sv Custom hardwood provides with quality, award-winning renovation, new home and commercial woodworking services....

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  • The Plane & Nail Co. is located in the British Columbia country side town of Chilliwack. Our business speaks to t...

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  • Ed&Sons Interior Woodwork embodies the vanguard of excellence in finish carpentry, bringing attention and detail t...

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  • Finishing carpentry and cabinetry installation European qualified craftsman with many years of experie...

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  • Our superior quality and workmanship as finishing carpenters, extensive experience, and ability to complete projec...

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  • Landscape and construction, home renovation and restoration.

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  • Full custom door supplier. We offer classic joinery with modern function.

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  • Don Nielsen, owner and operator of Ridgewest Homes is a licensed residential builder serving all areas of Greater...

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  • Born out of need and the drive to service a niche part of our market, Sisco Woodworking aims to provide high-quali...

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  • A construction company specializing in the forming, framing and renovation of both traditional and modern designs...

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  • A skilled and diversified tradesman serving the cabinet industry. My experience and and skills is ideal for high e...

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  • We manufacture many types of covers like; Baseboard Covers, Tall Baseboard Covers, Wood Baseboard Covers and also...

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Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA: избранные отзывы

Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
8 января 2020 г.
“I hired Ben to assemble and install our "Parkade Storage Lofts" in 2 separate buildings. Very professional approach in how they accomplished the job as well as the way they communicated with customers.”
SVC Hardwood
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
24 января 2019 г.
“Dennis is greet to work with. On schedule and very experienced. i would definitely recommend his services to my friends and families.”
Ed&Sons Interior Woodwork
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
8 октября 2015 г.
“Ed and his sons did the finishing carpentry in my home. All of their work was exceptional. They were easy to deal with and a delight to have on the job site. I look forward to working with them again.”
All in Wood
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
20 февраля 2014 г.
“I was extremely happy with the work that Claude did in my home. He installed wainscoting throughout our main floor and up the stairway. the job was so good that as soon as it was finished we asked him to also do the upstairs hallway (which he was able to come back a few days later and do). The job was completed very quickly and affordably. Claude was very knowledgeable and offered his advice whenever I was waffling on a decision, however he was also very willing to modify things in the way I wanted. I am a very particular person and his work more than exceeds my standards. In fact, every painter who has come to my home to quote painting the wainscoting has mentioned what an excellent job he did. Claude was also very professional, tidy and punctual. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a finishing carpenter.”
Canadian Built Construction
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
25 ноября 2016 г.
“Beautiful workmanship, amazing detail this is one of the most organized job sites I have ever seen. I am looking forward to Canadian Built Construction building me a custom home in the near future”
Ultimate Interiors
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
31 октября 2014 г.
“Frank from ultimate interiors was a pleasure to work with. Not only was he knowledgeable, He brought the best out of our product. We look forward to working with Frank again and always appreciate his feed back in enhancin the the look of our fireplaces.”
Mark Anderson landscape and restoration
Столярные мастерские, частные столяры и плотники Nooksack, WA
25 августа 2017 г.
“I saw Mark's work in the neighbourhood and called for an estimate on redoing a patio and floor. I hoped that my job was not too small as it is difficult to get someone for smaller jobs. Mark came right away and gave a quote. He stayed within the budget, was professional, and friendly. We are thrilled with our new floor and our patio is beautiful. We will definitely call Mark Anderson for work in the future!”
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