Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME

Начали задумываться о продаже или сдаче дома в аренду? Закончили ремонтные работы объекта недвижимости и готовитесь к запуску рекламной кампании? Работаете над составлением портфолио? Одним из главных составляющих этих процессов являются красивые и качественные фото. Это значит, что вам нужно воспользоваться услугами фотографа интерьеров в городе Bailey Island, ME. В каком бы идеальном состоянии ваш дом, квартира или коммерческая недвижимость ни были, если потенциальный покупатель, съемщик или клиент увидит некачественные, размытые изображения, снятые на непрофессиональную камеру — первое впечатление оставит желать лучшего. Если вы — дизайнер интерьеров или архитектор, вам также непременно понадобится помощь профессионального архитектурного или интерьерного фотографа в городе Bailey Island, ME. Профессиональная фотосъемка интерьеров сыграет большую роль в продаже и рекламе вашего проекта, или создании идеального портфолио. Ведь фото, выполненные профессиональными интерьерными фотографами, смогут подчеркнуть красивый дизайн и скрыть недостатки, благодаря качественной аппаратуре, правильной композиции, подходящему ракурсу и освещению. Еще

Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME: избранные отзывы

Irvin Serrano
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME
30 августа 2013 г.
“Irvin is the consummate professional. Talented, efficient and more than capable. He has a great attitude and is attentive to the details. He has a great eye for design and the details and gets a lot done in little time. It was my pleasure to work with both Irvin and Mike.”
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME
22 апреля 2013 г.
“Trent Bell Photography has been wonderful to work with over the years. He is very professional and talented and his pictures show this. Whenever we use him our buildings really 'shine' and just look even more beautiful. His photographs speak for themselves.”
Maine Video Tours
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME
21 сентября 2016 г.
“Have you ever launched a project (one of which you had very limited knowledge), and , then ended up with a product that far exceeded your expectations? That is what I was awarded when I selected Keith Andrews of Maine Video Tours to photograph my property. It was summer. The perfect time to engage a photographer who has the “know-how” to produce a nice representative piece of my ten acre shoreline property. I was considering the plan of placing my property on the market, but was not ready to involve an agency. So, my only option was to go Online to find a photographer and try to explain in the right terms my desire for an end product that best introduced the home and its landscaped surroundings. Visited some sites, some responded, some quite nice, but none could entirely provide my wishes. Then, one day came upon the site of Keith Andrews of Maine Video Tours, sent a message which received an immediate response, followed-up with several clear and informative telephone conversations. I was fairly sure I had found the right path and set a time for the shoot. Upon meeting Keith the day of the filming the best of my better senses said. “This young man really knows his craft, everything is good so just keep quiet and calmly stay out of his way”. Conclusion: Making use of the summer landscaped greens, the home and the shoreline as his canvas Keith artfully composed a pictorial dance of well-blended videos, stills and flight of drones and transported them in to a wonderfully moving and fresh site. I so appreciate his talent and, love his work.”
Chris Becker Photo
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME
9 марта 2017 г.
“I got to know Chris first as an artist; I love his work! I have bought several of his large format photographs for myself, as have several of my clients upon my recommendation. But in 2016 I hired Chris to photograph my new house in Rockport, MA, for my architectural firm, Ruhl Walker Architects. I wanted an artist's eye and an artist's obsessive take on my design. I am extremely happy with the results, and look forward to working with Chris again soon!”
Elegance of Maine
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME
2 апреля 2015 г.
“I am an artist and have watched Jason Frazier develop his photography to an art form over the last few years. He knows his equipment inside out and composes his photograph in the most complimentary way. Mr. Frazier has a positive attitude and is eager to listen to your needs and provide you with the best that photography has to offer, both indoors and out. For examples of his work, his world photography can be viewed at www.travel-junkies.com.”
Melissa Mullen Photography
Интерьерные и архитектурные фотографы Bailey Island, ME
7 июля 2016 г.
“I hired Melissa Mullen to photograph an interior design project I had recently completed. She came highly recommended and I am pleased with the compelling images she produced. Melissa is a true professional. With her artist's eye and appreciation for precise furnishing placement, lighting, and spatial arrangement of the interior design, combined with years of training and experience behind the camera, she was able to capture the minute details and unique beauty of each room. Not only is she talented, she is an upbeat, positive individual who was a pleasure to work with, and I will definitely hire again for future projects.”
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