Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN

Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN: избранные отзывы

Heath Outdoor
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
25 сентября 2019 г.
These guys are GREAT!! I had 2 huge projects. Last year, they redesigned my front yard landscaping and it's beautiful. This year, I had a pool built and they came in and overhauled my back yard after the pool was finished. Completely re-designed the landscape. They made 2 huge trellis's for privacy and I can't wait for the flowers to grow and bloom. We had a lot of damage from the pool being built that we didn't know about until they pointed it all out. Thankfully, they were able to fix all the added issues we had, on top of doing all our landscaping. PLUS, when the pool company said they couldn't complete a task that needed done, Heaths crew was able to come in and not only do the job, but they did it while down pouring. The guys are all friendly and do such an amazing job. They really care and it shows by their work. They also don't leave the job. I see them eating in the shade somewhere on a short break and right back to work when the've finished eating. I highly recommend these guys!! You won't be disappointed.
T.Hensley Landscapes
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
4 июня 2019 г.
Trebor and his assistant did an excellent job. They did the work in short order and when they were finished, they cleaned up and made everything look nice and neat. Will be calling them back.
Indiana Outdoor Lighting
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
20 января 2014 г.
Ralph at Indiana Outdoor lighting did a great job for me with his exterior lighting on my personal home. Very nice quality work at a fair price. I would certainly use them again. Scott Bates Christopher Scott Homes
Country Gardens Landscaping
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
6 февраля 2015 г.
Country Gardens provided a landscape design for our home that was nothing but exceptional. Our outdoor space is the talk of the neighborhood. Skilled craftsmanship and polite well qualified workers on staff. These guys are the best in Indy!
Calvin Landscape LLC
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
15 июля 2013 г.
Great company. I needed the assistance of a landscape designer for my personal property. Calvin sent me the best. The project came out fantastic. We are very proud of what we have and everyone comments on how beautiful the home looks with the landscaping. These ppl are truly affordable professionals.
Earth-Wood Arts
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
28 июня 2016 г.
Mike presented us with a complete landscaping plan with detailed drawings for the look and list of plants used as well as a plan for the pond/water feature. It was a collaborative effort between all of us, which was very enjoyable. It allowed us to take ownership and pride in the finished project as much as it did for Mike and his crew. We did the project in two phases over a two year period. The crew was efficient and polite treating our property with respect. The end produced a glorious yard which we have enjoyed for years - periodically, we still have Mike back to help with tweeks and changes.
Eagleson Landscape Co.
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
11 апреля 2015 г.
Eagleson Landscaping has been wonderful to work with. Bill designed a plan for our backyard and it worked so well. Low maintenance plants, but made our yard flow so much better. We highly recommend Eagleson Landscaping for your project!
The Windowbox Gardener
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
23 января 2013 г.
Mary and her partners provide a wonderful service. Their creativity, professionalism and service overall are top notch. They provide me with year round plantings for my many pots and containers. She plants the highest quantity (of pots/containers) for me in the summer; but will plant 1, 2 or 25 for me, depending on my seasonal needs. She has spoiled me with beautiful floral containers year round.
Brownsburg Landscape Co.
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
23 июля 2014 г.
We had a paver brick patio put in over 8 years ago, and it still looks amazing.. Wonderful workmanship.. highly recommend using them.
Lemcke Landscape, Inc.
Обустройство двора и сада Rocky Ripple, IN
5 марта 2013 г.
Lemcke Landscape is a top-notch company. We have worked with many landscapers in the Indianapolis area, and these guys are the best! The projects are always moving smoothly, the homeowners are happy, and the plans are always precisely executed.
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