Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI

Давно мечтаете о красивом саде или ландшафте рядом с домом, но не знаете с чего начать? Владельцы дач и загородных домов все чаще обращаются за помощью в специализированные фирмы или к частным лицам, оказывающим услуги по садоводству и уходу за участком в городе Orleans, MI. Даже если вы не считаете садоводство одной из своих сильных сторон, это не значит, что вам можно забыть о саде вашей мечты. Нужно просто найти опытного садовника, или помощника по обустройству сада, в чьих профессиональных руках, ваш невзрачный участок превратиться в произведение ландшафтного исскусства. Еще
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Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI: избранные отзывы

James Allen Landscape & Design LLC
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
2 июля 2015 г.
“James Allen Landscape & Design LLC created a fire pit in our backyard which turned out much better than I had ever thought possible. The fire pit was completely landscaped with ground cover, shrubs, and wood chips, and included an air pipe to the pit to assure the fire could breath. The attention to all the details including the grade of the flat work in making sure any and all rain flowed into the woods was impeccable. And the over all look of the finished project looks, feels and performs professionally. I would say that to hire this firm is like hiring skilled artisans that take care of the details, while at the same time you are hiring an engineering firm to take the form and create pure function while blending the landscape in a way that makes it all look the best it can look, and still operate correctly. I have already scheduled additional work from this firm, and I would recommend this firm to any of my business colleges for their commercial projects as well to any of my friends for their domestic projects at their homes.”
AWM Water Features
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
21 января 2017 г.
“Excellent service...extremely professional...completely knowledgeable about all aspects of water garden features. Mike designs and builds water features but he also works well with existing water landscapes and maintains them to perfection. He has done my large water ponds and waterfalls for four years now and I will have him design my next home's water features when that time comes.”
Platinum Ponds & Landscaping
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
15 августа 2016 г.
“Ryan did a fantastic job on our landscape project! Highly recommend their services for any landscape and pondscape needs! Going to be hiring them for additional projects on our 6.5 acres.”
Majestic Services of Michigan
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
30 июля 2017 г.
“The highest CALIBER OF WORK ! Would recommend straight away! I can see why my wife and I had no chance of doing this on our own!!”
Everett's Landscape Management
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
18 января 2013 г.
“I highly recommend Everett's Landscape. We had to have several dead/diseased trees taken down, and even moved 3 trees from the front yard to the back. They did great work and I will hire them again for future landscape projects.”
Knapp Valley Gardens
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
21 апреля 2016 г.
“The Knapp Valley Group created a beautiful landscape in our back yard. They were on time and in budget. I highly recommend this company”
Green Side Up
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
11 февраля 2016 г.
“We hired Green Side Up to design and install our landscape and do some hydro-seeding for our church remodel project. We are very pleased with the quality of design and workmanship that they provided for us. We highly recommend them.”
Clark's Landscape
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
19 июля 2013 г.
“Amazing Design done on time and on budget. In the Grand Rapids area there is no one better. They are simply the BEST! My yard is now the envy of everyone who visits”
LandArc Studio, LLC
Обустройство двора и сада Orleans, MI
29 ноября 2012 г.
“We hired LandArc for an extensive design/build renovation of our back yard. We have a large, old pool and had problems with the deck and drainage system, causing rainwater to be channeled into our basement. The old concrete deck was cracked, rough and unattractive and the pool had a curb that was a tripping hazard. Mark Winters' design was beautiful and thoughtful and accommodated all our concerns. We have a lovely, modern deck and pool deck now and our water problems are a thing of the past.”
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