Игровые площадки Menomonee Falls, WI

Отличный способ уговорить ребенка проводить больше времени на улице - оборудовать ему детскую игровую площадку или поставить спортивный комплекс. И сделать это удобнее всего на лужайке дачного участка в городе Menomonee Falls, WI. Но перед родителями сразу встает несколько сложных вопросов: какую площадку покупать (пластиковую или деревянную), какое оборудование заказывать, а главное - у кого. Специалисты, представленные в этом разделе, помогут вам определиться.


Игровые площадки Menomonee Falls, WI: избранные отзывы

GRG Playscapes
Игровые площадки Menomonee Falls, WI
26 августа 2015 г.
“We had Greener Roofs & Gardens (GRG) complete a landscape design for our entire backyard with sensibilities toward: --- Developing an area for our dogs to run and play fetch, --- Using proper grading to create successful water flow into a new rain garden, --- Designing a new, larger patio that was integrated into the backyard layout, --- Staying within our desired budget. Once the design was finalized, we worked with GRG to stay within our calendar year budget and decided to phase the project accordingly. > The first phase was completed in the summer of 2011, which included completing the following work down to the back half of our property: - Removal of grass/soil and old shrub, - Removal of old garden bed, including plantings, - Amending/enriching new soil, - Grading soil for proper water flow away from all buildings and into new rain garden, - Delivery and installation of new rear area shrubs, - Delivery of all new rear area perennials (my husband and I installed the plants ourselves), - Delivery and installation of sod for back portion of lawn, - Delivery and installation of mulch for entire rear area, - Digging trench for new raised garden bed (my husband and I installed the actual hardscaping). > The second phase was completed in 2012, which included: - Removal of old patio, - Excavation for new patio, - Delivery and installation of patio base material (my husband and I installed the actual patio hardscaping), - Reworking new garden areas along house that align with patio, including amending and grading soil, - Delivery of all new plantings (my husband and I will install all new plants) - Sodding second half of lawn, including inter-seeding for custom "hardy" grass mixture for our dogs. Working with GRG was great. They were easy to work with and extremely accommodating. We together to develop a design that was functional, beautiful and within our budget. They listened to our requests and desires and offered their professional opinion and advice where needed in a kind and thoughtful way. My husband and I appreciated their flexibility throughout the entire process. We wanted to do as much of the manual labor to help save on cost and they were 100% OK with that. They are a wonderful company to work with and they truly care about what their clients want with a conscious effort to make the most out of what nature provides in your existing space. GRG gets our complete thumbs up!”
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