Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Topsham, ME

Гардеробные комнаты в частных домах и как больших, так и маленьких квартирах все чаще приходят на смену обычным шкафам для одежды. Современные гардеробные системы позволяют хранить все вещи в одном месте, что удобно не только с точки зрения организации, но и экономии места в квартире. На Houzz вы можете найти лучших профессионалов, специализирующихся на проектировании, изготовлении, установке и монтажу гардеробных, кладовых комнат и шкафов-купе на заказ в городе Topsham, ME. Еще

Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Topsham, ME: избранные отзывы

Closet Factory
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Topsham, ME
13 мая 2015 г.
“As the Franchise Owner in Raleigh, NC, I wanted to post a review to let everyone know why they should choose Closet Factory when considering home organization of any kind. I am proud to say that after getting to know the owners all across the country, I can confidently say that you are in good hands any time you choose this company to work with. All locations pride themselves on giving their customers the best experience possible so that you will want to tell your friends about them and come back for future projects.”
Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Topsham, ME
22 марта 2017 г.
“I love my new master closet! Chris did an excellent job maximizing the space. Now everything is well organized,easy to access. The installation very smoothly, they were really considerate.”
Closet Factory of Maine
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Topsham, ME
7 февраля 2017 г.
“I enjoyed working with Maria and Walter at The Closet Factory of Maine. Their experience with designing a closet to fit my wardrobe exceeded my expectations. I often recommend them to friends and I'm looking for another excuse to hire them again! Great value with quality craftsmanship.”
Custom Closet Solutions
Гардеробные и кладовые комнаты Topsham, ME
17 февраля 2015 г.
“I hired Greg to design and install a system in my small walk-in closet. He designed a space that maximized all the usable area. He installed it in a timely manner and left our house immaculate. I would and have recommended him to anyone who needs a storage/closet solution. He kept to his price, did excellent work and left the workplace clean...what more could you ask for?!”
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