Строительство бассейнов Northwood, OH

Строительство бассейнов в доме или на участке в городе Northwood, OH


Строительство бассейнов Northwood, OH: избранные отзывы

Hawaiian Pool Builders
Строительство бассейнов Northwood, OH
5 апр. 2017 г.
“I've never built a pool before, and I wanted to get this one to be the best it could be for my small, narrow backyard in NW Ohio. As I spoke with people, the name Hawaiian Pool Builders kept coming up. I phoned and sat down with Brenda, the designer, many times, discussing how a pool gets built, what kinds of finishes I might like, the timing of a pool build, their reputation, etc. I might have been one of those pain-in-the-neck people with all manner of questions, but at the level I was investing, I wanted to know that I was going with the right company. The build began in the spring of 2016, and it took about six-to-eight weeks. There was water in the pool on the day that Brenda promised me! I have a special finish, a dark sparkling finish with abalone shells, and the artisan who put this finish on the pool really knew what he was doing! It is visually stunning, and it feels really good on your skin. My pool is small, as I wanted, but it's a high-end finish, which makes it luxurious. In the sunshine, the pool's finish sparkles with light. I love the free-form shape, the steps, the benches around the pool's walls for sitting while I'm soaking. There's a SUPER sunning ledge, and it seats two in nice chairs with a drink-table and umbrella in between. The lighting is LED and offers many colors and color combinations. The pool features a lovely waterfall on one, raised side. There are bubblers on the sunning ledge so that the water doesn't get stagnant in the 4-inch depth. You can put your feet over the bubblers and get a bonus foot-massage! I love all the pretty additions on the pool in the form of water features. At EVERY stage, I could reach out to Brenda and ask questions and request information or clarity. At EVERY stage, I felt like I was the only customer Brenda had, even though I knew there were other pools being constructed at the same time mine was. Brenda's staff: WOW! Her site manager, Duane--what a guy--is intent upon making sure his customers are happy. The folks who come to adjust the pH of my pool, clean and adjust filter, etc.: they are communicative and competent and NICE. At one point, Brenda said to me, "I have a family to support," and she went on to tell me that the staff of the company is her family. I appreciate that SO much. I've always wanted a pool to float in. I have the best. And Hawaiian Pools made it happen in 2016. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with Hawaiian Pools in Maumee, Ohio. Thanks, Brenda, for the opportunity to write this review!”
Mossing Pools
Строительство бассейнов Northwood, OH
22 авг. 2013 г.
“Mossing Pools is the best pool company in the area! All of the staff and the owners are extremely professional and detail oriented.”
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