Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX

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Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX: избранные отзывы

Heritage Design Studio
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
12 ноября 2011 г.
We hired Chrisopher to design a home with an in law suite that would suit not just my family but my extended family. His ability to translate concepts/ideas/preferences/thoughts into a well though out, practical, creative home design goes above and beyond anything we could have anticipated. We are simply awed time and time again by his almost instantaneous grasp of how to redesign a space in a matter of seconds into something even better than what we had envisioned. Simply put, architectual design is in Chris' DNA and it is reflected in the beauty and creativity of the homes and floor plan designs. Should we require home design services again in the future, we would not hesitate to engage Heritage/Chris and would recommend them to anyone looking to embark on the nebulous journey of home design.
Distinctive Dwellings - Thayne Hillrichs
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
27 июня 2013 г.
Excellent architect with creative ideas yet fair and reasonable. He is very responsive. He willingly met with the builder at no extra cost to help brainstorm our plans. Very refreshing personality.
Bob Anderson, Architect
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
5 февраля 2013 г.
Bob was able to draw from his extensive experience in the Dallas area to design an absolutely wonderful floor plan and exterior for our home. He took our concept for an exterior and a basic floor plan layout we liked and integrated them along with a number of other requests for special use spaces to fit our family and produced a house that will be great to live and and easy to sell when and if we decide to ever move.
Texas Tiny Homes
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
15 августа 2013 г.
Texas Tiny Homes has been a great source for drawing up house plans for a tiny house. I needed just a one bedroom, with wheel chair capability and they work with what ever I needed. They furnished me with sets of building plans with plenty of room and really enjoy the service the company has provided. I have not started building yet, waiting till I sell my home. The plans however, are complete and easy to read. Thanks to Texas Tiny Homes Bonnie Henson Otto, NC
Bohannon Design Team
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
25 мая 2014 г.
After reviewing Direct Home Designs information on Houzz, I decided to contact Wendy. She promptly returned my call. We set up a meeting within the next couple of days to discuss new house plans. After sitting down with her and discussing my "wants" and my attempts to sketch the layout, I knew she was the perfect person to design our new home. She really listened to what we liked and didn't like. She asked questions on how our current house functioned. She brought up items we hadn't even thought about! Needless to say, our new house plans are wonderful. We will be breaking ground soon and I can't wait to post pictures so everyone can see how great Wendy's work is!
McReynolds Designs
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
29 ноября 2012 г.
Excellent design work and extremely easy to work with. Has an eye for detail and listens to what the client is truly after and produces design work commensurate with needs.
Ellyn Amador, Architect
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
8 июля 2017 г.
Complete kitchen and living area remodel as well as master bedroom addition. Ellyn's timeless design helped us gain the full potential of our 50+ year old home. We have storage, open floor plan and flow which were lacking in the original home. Her idea of open shelving in our kitchen is one of my favorite features. Skylights in the master bathroom bring in natural light while maintaining privacy.
Winchester Residential Design
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
3 февраля 2014 г.
We gave David some general ideas of what we wanted and there was very little tweaking needed because he nailed it! We will begin construction within the next 6 weeks. The design is wonderful...can't wait for completion!!
O'Brien Custom Home Designs
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
23 ноября 2014 г.
We hired O'Brien to help us design our dream home in the country. We met with him (On the build site 170 miles from his office) and described exactly what we wanted...shape, size, floor plan layout. When he came back to us the layout was almost exactly opposite of what we asked for and you know what??? THANK YOU!!! Anyone we worked with could have done exactly what we asked for but Dave knew what we really wanted by listening to us describe our vision of the house. He's been GREAT to work with on making sure that we are happy with the results. We've built four other houses previous to this one and I can tell you he knows not only how to draw plans but also the business. Great ideas on how to save $$$ also. He's the real deal for sure.
MEL/ARCH architectural studio
Архитекторы и архитектурные бюро Blue Mound, TX
27 февраля 2014 г.
Amazing. Extremely detailed and thoughtful. He brings ideas to the table that you did not even think about. Really focused on staying within budget.
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