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На фото: большой винный погреб в классическом стиле с мраморным полом, витринами и бежевым полом с
Gryphon Builders
Gryphon Builders
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Wine Room Transformation

This wine room is decorated with fully stocked wine racks, cozy fireplace, comfy seating, and a central table so that the homeowners can not only enjoy their wine collection but also invite friends around for tasting sessions. The faux wood paint on the walls and antler sconce provide a rustic charm, while complementing the dark ornate custom chilled wine storage, mantle, and entertainment panel. All while providing a beautifully functional space to enjoy their collection of wine, unwind and converse. For more information about this project please visit: www.gryphonbuilders.com. Or contact Allen Griffin, President of Gryphon Builders, at 713-939-8005 cell or email him at allen@gryphonbuilders.com

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Od E добавил(а) это в Wish List22 декабря 2023 г.

This I really like with a few tweaks