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Свежая идея для дизайна: большая открытая гостиная комната в современном стиле с серыми стенами, светлым паркетным полом, стандартным камином, фасадом камина из камня, телевизором на стене, бежевым полом и красивыми шторами - отличное фото интерьера
Simpson & Voyle
Simpson & Voyle
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The Listed House

This image features the main reception room, designed to exude a sense of formal elegance while providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The room’s interior design is a testament to the intent of the company to blend classic elements with contemporary style. At the heart of the room is a traditional black marble fireplace, which anchors the space and adds a sense of grandeur. Flanking the fireplace are built-in shelving units painted in a soft grey, displaying a curated selection of decorative items and books that add a personal touch to the room. The shelves are also efficiently utilized with a discreetly integrated television, ensuring that functionality accompanies the room's aesthetics. Above, a dramatic modern chandelier with cascading white elements draws the eye upward to the detailed crown molding, highlighting the room’s high ceilings and the architectural beauty of the space. Luxurious white sofas offer ample seating, their clean lines and plush cushions inviting guests to relax. Accent armchairs with a bold geometric pattern introduce a dynamic contrast to the room, while a marble coffee table centers the seating area with its organic shape and material. The soft neutral color palette is enriched with textured throw pillows, and a large area rug in a light hue defines the seating area and adds a layer of warmth over the herringbone wood flooring. Draped curtains frame the window, softening the natural light that enhances the room’s airy feel. This reception room reflects the company’s design philosophy of creating spaces that are timeless and refined, yet functional and welcoming, showcasing a commitment to craftsmanship, detail, and harmonious design.

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