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На фото: большая парадная гардеробная в современном стиле с плоскими фасадами, белыми фасадами и паркетным полом среднего тона для женщин
Within Studio LLC
Within Studio LLC
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Swans Nest Estate

This room transformation took 4 weeks to do. It was originally a bedroom and we transformed it into a glamorous walk in dream closet for our client. All cabinets were designed and custom built for her needs. Dresser drawers on the left hold delicates and the top drawer for clutches and large jewelry. The center island was also custom built and it is a jewelry case with a built in bench on the side facing the shoes. Bench by www.belleEpoqueupholstery.com Lighting by www.lampsplus.com Photo by: www.azfoto.com www.azfoto.com