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На фото: одноэтажный, деревянный, коричневый частный загородный дом среднего размера в стиле ретро с крышей-бабочкой и отделкой планкеном с
ROAM Architecture
ROAM Architecture
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Pearl River - Mid-century modern renovation

Updating a modern classic These clients adore their home’s location, nestled within a 2-1/2 acre site largely wooded and abutting a creek and nature preserve. They contacted us with the intent of repairing some exterior and interior issues that were causing deterioration, and needed some assistance with the design and selection of new exterior materials which were in need of replacement. Our new proposed exterior includes new natural wood siding, a stone base, and corrugated metal. New entry doors and new cable rails completed this exterior renovation. Additionally, we assisted these clients resurrect an existing pool cabana structure and detached 2-car garage which had fallen into disrepair. The garage / cabana building was renovated in the same aesthetic as the main house.