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Reico Kitchen & Bath
Reico Kitchen & Bath
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Modern Laundry Design Wilmington, DE

David Betsy of Reico Kitchen and Bath in Wilmington, DE designed a modern-inspired laundry room featuring Masterpiece Cabinetry. The cabinets feature the Sawyer door style in Maple with a Cannon Grey finish, paired with Tesora quartz countertops in the color Aureo. After 30 years in the home, the clients finally remodeled their laundry room. “The design of the space makes the room function perfectly. We moved the sink next to the washing machine. This opened an entire wall for cabinets and a countertop. We also added cabinets above the washer and dryer and installed a new floor and reorganized the existing closet. David suggested we add a kitchen mixer cabinet for our sewing machine, and now our sewing machine is always ready to go. The remodel has given us some much-needed storage space. Without David, this project would not have been so successful,” said the client. David shared, " This client’s specific request was to use the space for sewing. It was the first time I had a sewing machine brought in to the showroom! From there we took measurements and verified that the sewing machine would work with a lift traditionally used for mixers. We discussed the client’s dominant hand, and the type of chair being used which affected the placement of the sewing machine. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking what would have been a normal laundry area to design a fully customized space!” Photos courtesy of Dan Williams Photography.