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Puccini Kitchens
Puccini Kitchens
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Modern copper and blue kitchen

The charm of our latest kitchen project begins with the captivating choice of its finishes. A velvety dream, the cabinets are adorned with a lavish coat of Matt Lacquer in RAL Steel Blue. This deep, lustrous hue exudes tranquillity while making a bold statement, effortlessly infusing the space with an aura of serenity and grandeur. Enhancing the overall aesthetic are the exquisite Copper Gola Rail and Plinth, delicately curated to harmonise with the resplendent blue cabinets. The warm, burnished tones of copper lend an air of refined sophistication, captivating the eye and elevating the kitchen's allure to new heights. Crowning this culinary masterpiece is the 30mm Silestone Gris Expo worktop, a breathtaking union of functionality and beauty. This sleek quartz surface exudes a sense of timelessness, its soft grey tones offering the perfect backdrop for culinary creations to take centre stage. The inherent durability of Silestone ensures that this worktop will remain a testament to enduring elegance for years to come. Our vision for this project extends beyond aesthetics, incorporating thoughtful functionality into every aspect. Customised storage solutions, seamless integration of appliances, and intuitive design elements make this kitchen a haven for culinary enthusiasts, providing a seamless and pleasurable cooking experience. As the heart of the home, this kitchen effortlessly transforms mere cooking into an exquisite art form. Its harmonious blend of luxurious materials, expert craftsmanship, and timeless design is a testament our commitment to redefining luxury kitchen living. Discover more of our breathtaking designs on our projects page, or book a consultation to bring your dream kitchen to life.