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Идея дизайна: маленькая изолированная гостиная комната в викторианском стиле с синими стенами, деревянным полом, стандартным камином, фасадом камина из дерева и белым полом для на участке и в саду
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London Terrace Sitting Rom

We chose a beautiful inky blue for this London Living room to feel fresh in the daytime when the sun streams in and cozy in the evening when it would otherwise feel quite cold. The colour also complements the original fireplace tiles. We took the colour across the walls and woodwork, including the alcoves, and skirting boards, to create a perfect seamless finish. Balanced by the white floor, shutters and lampshade there is just enough light to keep it uplifting and atmospheric. The final additions were a complementary green velvet sofa, luxurious touches of gold and brass and a glass table and mirror to make the room sparkle by bouncing the light from the metallic finishes across the glass and onto the mirror