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На фото: маленький, одноэтажный дом в стиле рустика для на участке и в саду, охотников

Little Bit of Thoreau in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Rustic cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC. The cabin is a riff on the Appalachian culture and its architecture. Built as if it rose from the local woods, by local craftsmen with the tradition of seat-of-the-pants resourcefulness. The cabin echoes the Appalachian traditions of small is beautiful, and richness in simplicity. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring. Reclaimed barn wood wall panelling. Cypress wall panelling with nickel groove. Wormy Maple loft flooring. Exterior door hand crafted by local artisan. Ships ladder constructed from leftover rough-sawn Hemlock rafters. Builder: River Birch Builders, Asheville, NC 828-777-3501 Photography: William Britten williambritten.com

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