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Стильный дизайн: большая открытая гостиная комната в морском стиле с белыми стенами, светлым паркетным полом, стандартным камином, фасадом камина из металла, бежевым полом и телевизором на стене - последний тренд

Lime Avenue Residence

The project was the result of a highly collaborative design process between the client and architect. This collaboration led to a design outcome which prioritised light, expanding volumes and increasing connectivity both within the home and out to the garden. Within the complex original plan, rational solutions were found to make sense of late twentieth century extensions and underutilised spaces. Compartmentalised spaces have been reprogrammed to allow for generous open plan living. A series of internal voids were used to promote social connection across and between floors, while introducing new light into the depths of the home.

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No TV, no silly individual chairs