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How to install addressable rgb neon strip lights for your house

Adopts TM1934 addressable IC, LED chips with dual data wires, if one 6-LEDs segment damaged, you can solder the back data wire to repair them, easy to operate, very suitable for large industrial LED lighting projects. This is a complete addressable LED neon light kit in waterproof IP68 with all the items that are added, plug and play! The DC24V full color LED neon light can be used for above ground pool lights, also can be installed under the water for about 1m/3.28ft, popular for outdoor LED application, such as deck lighting, pool lighting, cove lighting. The LED SPI controller will be installed in the waterproof box, you can choose to use the SP107E music Bluetooth controller, SP108E WiFi DIY controller. Different controller has different color effects and functions, static or dynamic, choose the one you like. The DC24V waterproof IP67 LED power supply can also be used under the water, please note, only the AC power cord part is not waterproof. https://www.superlightingled.com/1665ft-addressable-rgb-neon-light-kit-dream-color-waterproof-ip68-dc24v-ws2811-tm1934-custom-flex-neon-rope-for-pool-trucks-lighting-p-3734.html