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Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: большая гостиная-столовая в стиле неоклассика (современная классика) с паркетным полом среднего тона, белыми стенами и бежевым полом
Adornas Kitchens & Interiors
Adornas Kitchens & Interiors
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High in the hills

Richard & Caroline's kitchen was one of the biggest spaces we've had the pleasure of working on, yet this vast space has a very homely and welcoming feeling. Texture has played a huge part in this design, with a mixture of materials all working in harmony and adding interest. This property could be classed as a modern farmhouse, and the interior reflects this mix of traditional and modern. It's home to a young family, and we're loving Caroline's playful use of colour and accessories! As well as the meticulously designed kitchen, we created a modern storage area at the dining end to pull the two spaces together.