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Стильный дизайн: отдельная столовая среднего размера в классическом стиле с разноцветными стенами, темным паркетным полом и коричневым полом - последний тренд
Pretorius Studio
Pretorius Studio
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Grisaille Landscape Murals

The project is a series of mural panels painted in the artist’s studio and installed on all walls of a dining room. The imagery is of soft landscape with classical architectural elements, loosely based on an Arcadian 18th century French wallpaper scenic. The murals are painted in grisaille, a traditional technique which uses a monochromatic palette of grey to create depth. In this case the artist used the soft painterly style of Fragonard and Boucher to create the lush landscape in the same grey palette. The freshness and vitality of the brushwork distinguishes these murals from printed wall covering. Silver leaf detailing on the pilasters adds a luminous effect. This project won an Acanthus Award for excellence from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art in 2014.

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