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На фото: двухэтажный, деревянный, серый частный загородный дом в морском стиле с двускатной крышей, крышей из гибкой черепицы, черной крышей и отделкой дранкой
SV Design
SV Design
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Gone Fishing

The challenge: take a run-of-the mill colonial-style house and turn it into a vibrant, Cape Cod beach home. The creative and resourceful crew at SV Design rose to the occasion and rethought the box. Given a coveted location and cherished ocean view on a challenging lot, SV’s architects looked for the best bang for the buck to expand where possible and open up the home inside and out. Windows were added to take advantage of views and outdoor spaces—also maximizing water-views were added in key locations. The result: a home that causes the neighbors to stop the new owners and express their appreciation for making such a stunning improvement. A home to accommodate everyone and many years of enjoyment to come.
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