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Идея дизайна: кухня-столовая среднего размера в современном стиле
Feng Shui with Marianne
Feng Shui with Marianne
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East Hampton cottage Dining room

Challenges: My clients love white, silver colors and Metal. While silver and white can be great colors, they are not exactly a plus when we are looking for harmony in relationships. White is metal and metal cuts. Metal also nourishes Water. Water is also a great element, but NOT when there are emotional issues. My contribution: Adding Wood (with plants, furniture, etc.) was paramount to "absorb" all the surplus of Water in the house and dry out some of the emotional turmoil. Adding peaceful symbolism and objects in pair (in the love corner), adding the Fire element (through lighting and red and orange objects) as well as simple tricks such as laying books flat (the cutting energy of books when they stand straight can be a source of conflict) contributed to appeasing the energy of the dining room.