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На фото: открытая гостиная комната среднего размера в стиле модернизм с домашним баром, белыми стенами, светлым паркетным полом, двусторонним камином, фасадом камина из камня и телевизором на стене
Studio H2O
Studio H2O
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Custom Home | The Butterly House

Stone two-sided fireplace with up lighting underneath the top stone. Hardwood floors in the formal living room, porcelain wood grain tiles for the kitchen, dining, wine cellar and exterior patio. Pool and backyard landscaping are the only previous features that remained from the original home, minus a few walls on the interior and newly installed waterless grass for the ground cover. Designed with a standing seam metal roof, with internal drainage system for hidden gutters design. Rain chain and rain barrels for rain harvesting. Retrofitted with Hardy Frames prefabricated shear walls for up to date earthquake safety. Opening both walls to the backyard, there are now two 14' folding doors allowing the inside and outside to merge. http://www.hardyframe.com/HF/index.html Amy J Smith Photography

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