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Пример оригинального дизайна: кухня-столовая среднего размера в стиле фьюжн с синими стенами, темным паркетным полом и коричневым полом без камина
Angela Todd Studios | Portland, OR
Angela Todd Studios | Portland, OR
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Cooper Mountain Jewel

Based on other life priorities, not all of our work with clients happens at once. When we first met, we pulled up their carpet and installed hardy laminate flooring, along with new baseboards, interior doors and painting. A year later we cosmetically remodeled the kitchen installing new countertops, painting the cabinets and installing new fittings, hardware and a backsplash. Then a few years later the big game changer for the interior came when we updated their furnishings in the living room and family room, and remodeled their living room fireplace. For more about Angela Todd Studios, click here: https://www.angelatoddstudios.com/ To learn more about this project, click here: https://www.angelatoddstudios.com/portfolio/cooper-mountain-jewel/

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Teal paint with high patterned chairs and old reclaimed wooden table