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На фото: большая столовая в стиле рустика с с кухонным уголком, разноцветными стенами, полом из известняка, печью-буржуйкой, фасадом камина из кирпича, бежевым полом, кессонным потолком и панелями на части стены с
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Commercial - Rustic Restaurant Cafe

Having worked ten years in hospitality, I understand the challenges of restaurant operation and how smart interior design can make a huge difference in overcoming them. This once country cottage café needed a facelift to bring it into the modern day but we honoured its already beautiful features by stripping back the lack lustre walls to expose the original brick work and constructing dark paneling to contrast. The rustic bar was made out of 100 year old floorboards and the shelves and lighting fixtures were created using hand-soldered scaffold pipe for an industrial edge. The old front of house bar was repurposed to make bespoke banquet seating with storage, turning the high traffic hallway area from an avoid zone for couples to an enviable space for groups.