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Стильный дизайн: большой, трехэтажный, бежевый таунхаус в викторианском стиле с комбинированной облицовкой, двускатной крышей и крышей из гибкой черепицы - последний тренд
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Bond Place

This project consisted of a renovation and alteration of a Queen Anne home designed and built in 1897 by Manhattan Architect, and former Weehawken mayor, Emile W. Grauert. While most of the windows were Integrity® Wood-Ultrex® replacement windows in the original openings, there were a few opportunities for enlargement and modernization. The original punched openings at the curved parlor were replaced with new, enlarged wood patio doors from Integrity. In the mayor's office, the original upper sashes of the stained glass was retained and new Integrity Casement Windows were installed inside for improved thermal and weather performance. Also, a new sliding glass unit and transom were installed to create a seamless interior to exterior transition between the kitchen and new deck at the rear of the property. Finally, clad sliding patio doors and gliding windows transformed a previously dark basement into an airy entertainment space.
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