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Стильный дизайн: большая гардеробная комната унисекс в современном стиле с плоскими фасадами, фасадами цвета дерева среднего тона, ковровым покрытием и бежевым полом - последний тренд
Clever Closet Company
Clever Closet Company
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Belrose Dressing Room

This luxury dressing room has a safari theme. Featuring polytec notaio walnut and laminex brushed bronze. Previously the room had two entrances, by deleting one of the entrances, we were able to create a cul-de-sac style space at one end for a beautiful floating dressing table on front of the "halo effect" of the backlit feature mirror. To maximise space and organisation all clothing was measured and shoes counted. Angling the shoe shelves made enough space for the seat to fit in front of the shoes without needing to project beyond the main cabinetry. Shoe drawers stack casual shoes vertically for convenience of viewing and selecting. A custom scarf rack ensures scarves are very visible and stored in a non slip solution, making great use of the narrow space outside the ensuite.

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