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Eppright Homes, LLC
Eppright Homes, LLC
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12th Century Manor House and Cottage

This entry’s design was inspired by the feel of an 12th century English manor. • This home has a very personal meaning for the designer as the clients are friends they have worked with for over twenty years. The home design comes from a classic English country manor style with a few updates to accommodate the homeowner’s preferences. • The years they have known each other gave the designer the opportunity to understand their taste and needs. This home is truly a reflection of the owner’s lives. • The interior design was influenced by respecting the homeowner’s collection of furnishings and adding new art plus lots of color. The stair railings are a reference to classic English design and custom made. • The most outstanding special feature was created in the entry, a small door for children to enter under the stairs was trompe-l'oeil. The small door now appears as a large antique door with small windows featuring the owner’s dogs. • A dog friendly home with a large welcome mat to friends and family is perfect for entertaining and relaxing in the warm and enchanting house. • The cabinets, floors and lighting were selected for durable use and worked to integrate the home’s history. Special lighting was added to illustrate the many pieces of art. • More than a house; this is a place to call home. For complete tour: http://epprighthomes.com/videos/12th-century-manor-house/