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Niche Interiors is an award-winning, sustainable design firm with offices in San Francisco and Wine Country. Best... Читать далее
  • +1 415-749-0610
  • San Francisco, CA, 94107
San Francisco's Functional + Personalized Interior Spaces
Our goal at White Space Design is to create beautiful spaces that reflect our clients' personalities and lives....
  • +1 310-496-7338
Bayon Design Studio, Inc. has a relentless passion for tailored modern design with a flair for minimalism and... Читать далее
  • +1 415-316-6873
  • Tiburon, CA, 94920
San Francisco Bay Area Interior Designer
Cecilie Starin Design Inc., is a full-service interior design firm that specializes in distinguished residences...
  • +1 415-435-2549
Jane Antonacci Interior Design (JAID) is an award-winning, imaginative residential interior design firm in the... Читать далее
  • +1 415-625-2900
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
San Francisco Award Winning Interior Designer Best of Houzz 2013-2018
Kimball Starr is a boutique interior design firm where our focus is transforming your home into a beautiful and...
  • +1 415-366-8938
Artistic Designs for Living (ADL) creates exquisite living spaces that are as distinctive as our clients. We... Читать далее
  • +1 650-667-7590
  • San Francisco, CA, 94123
San Francisco's Client-Centered Interior Design Studio
Caroline is an ASID Professional Member, a certified Green Building Professional and a Feng Shui practitioner....
  • +1 415-915-6684
The award winning team of Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran, combine over 20 years of residential interior design... Читать далее
  • +1 415-487-1241
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
San Francisco's Elite Interior Design Firm
Chris M. Shields Interior Design was founded in San Francisco in 2014. I utilize my talents to create timeless...
  • +1 415-417-1375
Regan Baker Design is a full service interior design and styling company in the San Francisco Bay area. We... Читать далее
  • +1 415-865-9846
  • San Francisco, CA
Peninsula's Go-To Color Consultant & Designer
I am a Color Consultant and Design Coach for Home, Office and Business. I use color to provide personal harmony...
  • +1 650-666-8134
Savvy Interior Designer Serving the San Francisco Bay Area
I like clean, comfortable, compelling, and sophisticated design. Form and function go hand in hand to create a...
  • +1 415-465-4001
Heather Hilliard Design is a full-service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential interiors. ... Читать далее
  • +1 415-673-1111
  • San Francisco, CA, 94118
San Francisco Full Service Interior Design Firm | Best of Houzz 2016
We are a full service interior design firm, specializing in private residences and small boutique hospitality...
  • +1 347-464-0298
San Francisco's Recognized Interior Design Firm | 4x Best of Houzz
Benjamin Dhong Interiors is a full-service interior architecture and design firm specializing in high-end...
  • +1 415-549-0203
Geremia is a design studio that creates signature spaces through custom interiors and art curation. The Geremia... Читать далее
  • +1 415-649-2035
  • San Francisco, CA, 94109
San Francisco Interior Designer Best of Houzz 2013 - 2017
HCD was founded in 2003, and the firm quickly became known for a clean style, energized by an eye for the...
  • +1 510-974-7618
SF Bay Area Interiors & Architecture for Luxury Turn-key Homes
Best of Houzz interiors with a focus on classic architecture and intimate design for Bay Area homes.
  • +1 510-694-1752
IDF Studio is an award-winning residential and commercial interior design studio that’s equally obsessed with... Читать далее
  • +1 415-829-3444
  • San Francisco, CA, 94107
San Francisco's Award-Winning Interior Designer | 2x Best of Houzz
Deniece Duscheone Design specializes in high-end residential projects with an emphasis on modern luxury, an...
  • +1 415-991-4187
Starter Kit by the Room
San Francisco's Full Service Interior Designer Best of Houzz 16 & 18
I have worked on many different projects all with different styles, cost, size and personality. My goal is to...
  • +1 415-767-1648
MP DESIGN is a boutique full-service design studio. We specialize in remodels, from full house projects, to... Читать далее
  • +1 650-667-7436
  • San Francisco, CA, 94107
Marin County's Modern and Scandinavian Interior Design Firm
We are an interior design studio specializing in warm and curated spaces with an Scandinavian aesthetic. Our...
  • +1 415-531-3415
Hallmarks of Nystrom Design include careful attention to the use of light, a connection to the natural world, and... Читать далее
  • +1 415-606-8410
  • San Francisco, CA, 94112
Bay Area Residential/Commercial Interior Design Firm Best Of Houzz 17'
Built on a solid background in architecture and product design, we provide comprehensive collaborative interior...
  • +1 650-381-0285
IS Design is a high-end, luxury, full service interior design firm founded by internationally known artist and... Читать далее
  • +1 415-621-5660
  • San Francisco, CA
San Francisco and Bay Area Interior Designer | 5x Best of Houzz
JL is a boutique interior design studio serving the Bay Area. We specialize in custom designs, remodels and new...
  • +1 415-384-9553
San Francisco Bay Area Interior Designer, Best of Houzz 2013-2018. Annie Lowengart leads a full service... Читать далее
  • +1 415-915-8184
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
Best of Houzz | Nationally Acclaimed Interior Design Firm
We create unique environments that reflect the passions and lifestyles of our clients, inspiring their well being.
  • +1 530-641-9039
Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design is a full-service design studio emphasizing on modern residential and creative... Читать далее
  • +1 415-686-6883
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
Bay Area Full Service Interior Designer Best of Houzz 2015 & 2016
At K Interiors, we believe that your house can be both beautiful and livable. It is possible to have a 4 year...
  • +1 415-534-9520
Our company offers a wide selection of design & remodeling needs. Our relationships with our customers and... Читать далее
  • +1 415-690-2288
  • South San Francisco, CA, 94080
San Francisco's Elite Interior Design Firm
BLANKwalls Design is a full service design firm based in San Francisco. Our goal is to create environments that...
  • +1 650-797-0362
Дизайн интерьера – избраные отзывы в городе San Francisco, CA
Niche Interiors
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"I used Niche Interiors to help me decorate and stylize my condo and it turned out amazing! The thing I was most impressed with was her ability to capture the essence of my personality and interests and transform it into fashionable interior design qualities. She was also easy to work with and provided plenty of suggestions that allowed me to have a wide selection of choices. I would highly recommend her to any friends."
- mjcohen
Bayon Design Studio Inc.
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"I worked with Cindy on a very large project to decorate and redesign my 6,500 sq ft home. Cindy is extremely professional, listens and has an amazing eye along with plenty of experience that comes through. She's straight forward and easy to get along with and work with. As far as how my home turned out, I could not be happier, it's magazine worthy! I would definitely use her for any project big or small again without hesitation."
- michellel84
Jane Antonacci Interior Design
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"Jane is a terrific interior designer. Imaginative, creative, wonderful taste and sensitive to your budget. She is knowledgable about the furnishings and fabrics available , including what's available in Europe. I've seen her work in a variety of styles but the result is always lovely to see. For example: I saw a home she did which combined unusual antiques, beautiful rugs and contemperay furniture; another where she used French style, both old and new to produce a dramatic room that still lingers inmy memory. Plus, she is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommneded."
- Naomi Ramsden
Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"Tineke Triggs is innovative, open-minded, creative, and a delight to work with. Tineke is flexible, tireless and full of wonderful ideas. She's always open to a challenge and able to tackle any problems that arise mid-remodel. The things that drive all of us crazy, Tineke just takes in stride. I highly recommend Tineke. She did a complete remodel of our kitchen, moved walls, opened walls, but in really smart ways, that used the space brilliantly -- she thinks like an architect and does her work at a systemic level, never just window-dressing, but really beautiful outcomes that work for your family. "
- amyovalle
Applegate Tran Interiors
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"Gioi is an inventive, creative Designer who puts his heart into his work. He has the skill to create contemporary classics rich with understated elegance."
- Linda Horning Decorative Painting
Regan Baker Design Inc.
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"Regan Baker is really great to work with. She not only had a ton of great and creative ideas, but she also took the time to get to know me and my family to truly understand our needs and wishes. For every project we worked on together, she presented me with 3-4 options and continued to iterate until I was 100% satisfied. She always took the time to answer all of my questions, brainstorm additional ideas, and simply to check in. Regan is extremely professional, always on time, and very flexible. Additionally, Regan worked very well with other professionals working on our home. She got along with everyone and really helped me manage some complex aspects of our project. Our new dining/kitchen/family room looks beautiful and unique and is very functional due to the work we did together. "
- lilias
Heather Hilliard Design
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"Heather has worked with us for years and has been one of our favorite San Francisco designers. Heather has a great ability to use antique pieces in contemporary settings without having the old clash with the new. We worked with Heather for a California Homes magazine feature, "Antiques in Modern Design" and we loved the way Heather thought about color in her vignettes. This eye for color and ability to blend eras is continuously impressive and we are happy to work with Heather time and time again."
- Antique & Art Exchange
Geremia Design
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"We hired Geremia when we remodeled our house in 2016, and we highly recommend them. Lauren is extremely talented (check out her website), and she and her team really listened to us and were able to translate our saved photos and vague preferences into beautiful designs. It’s also worth mentioning that her team was always available as questions came up throughout the process, and this was a huge help. They were a pleasure to work with, and in the end, we agreed that their design fees were the best money spent on the entire project."
- Aaron Groves
IDF Studio
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"I have worked with IDF Studio for 7+ years on various projects. Whether it be for Airbnb HQ or Zendesk, Jaclyn and her team are ultimately collaborative, and have delivered thoughtful design. Working on interiors projects can be a crazy environment, as any Workplace person knows. The folks at IDF Studio are professional, yet fun - a great mix for any project - which kept me laughing or serious, depending on what was going on. Design is one thing, but being able to curate a space is really one of things that put their approach over the top. It's the little things that define a space, and it takes a certain eye to do it well. IDF is among the best."
- Tamar Draper
Дизайн интерьера в городе San Francisco, CA
"Manuela is a very talented designer and great to work with! She managed to pick just the right colors and help us with space planning in our home."
- preed1
Укажите здесь данные о своей компании – Узнать подробности
Дизайн интерьера квартиры или дома — это очень ответственное занятие, которому следует уделить особое внимание, ведь от него будет зависеть комфорт и уют в вашем доме. Если вы точно знаете, к чему вы стремитесь в стилистическом и функциональном плане, и четко можете себе представить завершенный вариант, полагайтесь на свое видение и фантазию! Если же вы только приблизительно знаете, чего хотите от ремонта вашего дома, у вас есть идеи дизайна и декора квартиры, но вы не уверены, как воплотить их в жизнь, или же площадь жилого пространста усложняет положение вещей и ваша грандиозная задумка не помещается в маленькую комнату или квартиру — вам нужен хороший дизайнер интерьера! Если заказать дизайн-проект квартиры или дома у профессионала, вы сможете воплотить свои самые смелые идеи в реальность!
Давайте же поговорим о том, как и где найти лучшего дизайнера интерьеров для вашей квартиры в городе San Francisco, CA, в какую студию дизайна обратиться и как понять, подходит ли тот или иной специалист по декору именно вам.

Сколько стоят услуги дизайнера интерьеров в городе San Francisco, CA?

К сожалению, однозначного ответа на этот вопрос нет, все зависит от индивидуального заказа. Стоимость разработки дизайн-проекта интерьера зависит от многих факторов, таких как площадь помещения, сложность работы, выбранный стиль и так далее. Интересоваться ценой проекта можно уже с первых встреч со специалистом. Заранее спросите, что именно входит в стоимость работ: планировочное решение квартиры, подбор материалов и мебели, 3D визуализация проекта, набор планов и чертежей для выполнения ремонтных работ и авторский надзор. Узнайте о любых дополнительных затратах, которые не входят в приобретенный вами “пакет услуг.”

Как заказать дизайн-проект квартиры или дома в городе San Francisco, CA?

Все очень просто - вы можете просто посмотреть список дизайнеров и декораторов, представленных на этой странице, изучить готовые выполненные дизайн-проекты и подобрать того, ко вам по душе. На страничке профессионала вы можете связаться с ним напрямую и узнать о стоимости дизайн-проекта и рекомендациях для вашего конктретного случая, а также заказать дизайн.

Где искать специалиста по декору и дизайну интерьеров?

При поиске дизайнера интерьеров, многие полагаются на рекомендации знакомых и друзей, но здесь следует быть осторожным, ведь ваши вкусы и ценовые категории могут не совпадать. Другой распространенный и очень удобный вариант — обратиться в студию дизайна интерьеров. В интернете можно найти множество современных дизайн студий и бюро и выбрать ту, которая подойдет вам по всем категориям. Если вам нужна консультация или помощь в составлении дизайн-проекта квартиры, но нанять профессионала вам не по карману, воспользуйтесь помощью начинающего специалиста — его услуги обойдутся вам недорого. Однако не стоит думать, что качество работы при этом будет на низком уровне, для начинающих специалистов, которые еще не наработали впечатляющего портфолио, каждый проект на счету, так что вашему заказу, безусловно, будет уделено много внимания.

Просматривайте профили лучших дизайнеров интерьеров в городе San Francisco, CA на Houzz.ru: читайте отзывы, оценивайте портфолио и фото реализованных проектов и легко связывайтесь с понравившимися вам специалистами в области дизайна интерьеров и декора. Заказать дизайн-проект интерьера просто с Houzz!
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