37 Liberty modernizm-kuhnya
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37 Liberty

Photography: Pamela Palma
На фото: кухни в стиле модернизм с фартуком из плитки кабанчик — Houzz

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Laura Lew добавил(а) это в Bathroom
Tom's bathroom counter and vanity - kitchen window
Gather and Spruce Design Remodel добавил(а) это в TWK Faves: Counter Top Materials
Laminate This surface is made with paper combined with resins, which is then fused to particle board. It has been around for decades, and more recently has shown more stylish designs than those of the past. Pros: If you’re cost-conscious, then laminate is for you as it is one of the most affordable surfaces. Maintenance is easy, and because it’s lightweight, a sturdy cabinet base is not necessary. Cons: Laminate is not durable and is easily scratched, burned, and stained. As it ages, the layers can start peeling, and it’s difficult to repair if it gets damaged. Also, you can’t use undermount sinks due to the raw particle board core. Cost: $10 to $40 per square foot
Christa Nash-Webber добавил(а) это в Bend House - Kitchen
Think we might want the kitchen windows to open out, to keep the views unobstructed when open.

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