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На фото: детская среднего размера в стиле неоклассика (современная классика) с белыми стенами и паркетным полом среднего тона для подростка, девочки
Jami Abbadessa
Jami Abbadessa
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This family was referred to me by another of my clients. They requested that I help them with their 2 daughter’s loft area. At the time, it was uninviting, didn’t get much use and there was unused space in the existing layout, which wasn’t conducive to gathering. They gave me a great canvas to start with: wood floors, dark moldings and clean white walls. I had a couple of things I had to incorporate into the design plan which were: a wall mounted TV with speakers and an elliptical machine. I came up with a floor plan that tied all the areas of the loft together and made the space more inviting. New furniture was purchased and I layered in decor and accessories that now make it feel like a youthful, but not too young, cool hang out space.