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Tiny Mountain Cabin

The design of the cabin began with the client’s discovery of an old mirror which had once been part of a hall tree. Painted In a rustic white finish, the orange pine walls of the cabin were painted by the homeowners on hand using a sock and rubbing paint with a light hand so that the knots would show clearly and you would achieve the look of a lime-washed wall. A custom vanity was fashioned to match the details on the antique mirror and a textured iron vessel sink sits atop. Polished nickel faucets, cast iron tub, and old fashioned toilet are from Herbeau. The antique French Iron bed was located on line and brought in from California. The peeling paint shows the layers of age with French blue, white and rust tones peeking through. An iron chandelier adorned with Strauss crystal and created by Schonbek hangs from the ceiling and matching sconces are fastened into the mirror.

Designed by Melodie Durham of Durham Designs & Consulting, LLC.
Photo by Livengood Photographs [www.livengoodphotographs.com/design].

Свежая идея для дизайна: маленькая главная ванная комната в стиле шебби-шик с настольной раковиной, плоскими фасадами, искусственно-состаренными фасадами, мраморной столешницей, ванной на ножках, черной плиткой, керамогранитной плиткой, белыми стенами и полом из керамической плитки - отличное фото интерьера —  Houzz
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chandelier and so much character

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