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На фото: большая главная ванная комната в стиле неоклассика (современная классика) с белыми фасадами, отдельно стоящей ванной, серой плиткой и серыми стенами с
Astro Design Centre
Astro Design Centre
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Timeless Bathroom Design | Astro Design Centre | Ottawa, Canada

Design by Astro Design Centre - Ottawa, Canada Photo by DoubleSpace Photography The large tiled Travertine wall meets a smaller scaled subway tile to connect the shower to the vanity wall. The vanity was designed to compliment a free standing piece of bedroom furniture. The shaker drawers marry the traditional details with an oversized contemporary build up of the counter. A trough sink equipped with two faucets addresses the challenge of ‘his and hers’ sinks in a master. The uninterrupted mirror length with built in sconces, further add to the concept of interconnecting the various functions of the bathroom.

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