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На фото: двухэтажный, разноцветный, большой частный загородный дом в классическом стиле с облицовкой из камня и крышей из гибкой черепицы
Quarry Mill
Quarry Mill
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Stratford Natural Thin Stone Veneer Home Exterior

This beautiful house uses Stratford natural stone veneer from the Quarry Mill. Stratford stone’s gray and white tones add a smooth, yet aged look to your space. The tumbled- look of these rectangular stones will work well for both large and small projects. Using Stratford natural stone veneer for siding, accent walls, and chimneys will add an earthy feel that can really stand up to the weather. The assortment of textures and neutral colors make Stratford a great accent to any decor. As a result, Stratford will complement basic and modern décor, electronics, and antiques.

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Variety of stone color