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Идея дизайна: ванная комната в стиле рустика с раковиной с несколькими смесителями и открытыми фасадами

Ski Resort Lodge

A house located at a southern Vermont ski area, this home is based on our Lodge model. Custom designed, pre-cut and shipped to the site by Habitat Post & Beam, the home was assembled and finished by a local builder. Photos by Michael Penney, architectural photographer. IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not involved in the finish or decoration of these homes, so it is unlikely that we can answer any questions about elements that were not part of our kit package (interior finish materials), i.e., specific elements of the spaces such as flooring, appliances, colors, lighting, furniture, landscaping, etc.
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62. У разбитого корытаРаковину может заменить любая старая посудина —например, корыто, как в этом доме в Берлингтоне...

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Wood on walls!!! lighting fixtures, mirror