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Quantum Windows & Doors
Quantum Windows & Doors
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Quantum Windows & Doors | mw|works architecture + design

Jeremy Bitterman Photography: Located on Washington’s Key Peninsula, this custom home was designed and built to provide a tranquil retreat from the daily bustle of urban life. The living room is captured on three sides by a Classic Series custom wood window curtain wall spanning over thirty five feet within a single opening and turning two 90 degree butt-glazed corners, all at a height of over eleven feet. Our 2 ¼” common mullion provides clean and narrow frame sightlines to maximize the panoramic view of the Puget Sound. Other Classic Series architectural windows run as clerestory around the perimeter of the structure providing ample amounts of natural light to the interior spaces. The kitchen area features a six-panel XXX-XXO Lift/Slide door system that opens from a post-free corner. Three panels one side of the door provide the option of sliding the panels to either side or even to the center creating an opening that can be fine-tuned as needed for desired ventilation or traffic flow. Other unique features include casement and awning flush sapele wood “vents” that blend into the exterior wood siding, and a large, single-panel teak pocketing door that opens a forty-five square foot clear opening from an interior shower to the exterior.

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Внутри здания граница между интерьером и экстерьером почти растворяется. Сквозь панорамные окна природа будто сливается...

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ground level windows?