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Стильный дизайн: деревянный дом в современном стиле - последний тренд


“El Huacal” is actually the name to describe a wooden basket use typically to transport fruit and vegetables, at the Mexican markets. This petite project reclaims the space of a poor design back yard and dark cold old studio. We have reuse this space to design a single square element that performs as a divider for two sunny room spaces, a small gleaming bathroom, closet storage and outside new terrace. This original element also has a long bridge that Relinks the main bedroom with the new area. Made with “Cradle to Cradle” materials, “El Huacal” represent an effort to use existing conditions in pursue of better indoor and outdoor quality living space. Credits: Design Architect: Paul cremoux W. / Adriana Monroy N. Project Team: Daniela Pruneda Construction: ReCURSO studio Photos: by PCW
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