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Naaya Studio
Naaya Studio
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Naaya Morning Bell Dazzle II

Cutting holes pattern in clay shape is probably one the oldest way to make lamps. The psychedelic play of light and shadow can be one of the most soothing experiences. Traditionally all the cut work is done manually, although base pieces can be cast, the way to create holes in the pieces using casting is currently not known, and hence is skill dependent, more the no of holes, more skill is required, and higher the time and cost. This lace design is perfect for your corner space and Dining space to lit the whole area with warmth and happiness with its beautiful cut pattern. 3 variation of sizes available as per below dimensions: Max hexagon dia : 8,5 " x 6.5 inch (including holder) Max hexagon dia : 10,5 " x 8 inch (including holder) Max hexagon dia : 12.5 " x 9.5 inch (including holder) Buy assorted of more than 1 and save big! PRODUCT INFO - A small Naaya logo (approx 3/4") is embossed in 1 place on the inside surface of lamp. - All the shades are available in Plug in as well as hard wired version. - 10 feet (3 meter) of wire comes as standard with plug in versions. country specific converter is supplied with Indian pin - 6 feet (2 meter) wire is supplied with all the hard wired version - All Light electrical Fixtures are in compliance with US, European, UK, Australian, Canadian and International Standard. - Each lamp comes with individual canopy. Individual canopy are available black or white color (please specify). By default Black canopy will be sent. - Lamp comes with E27 holder (bulbs not supplied) - 3 port black / white canopy is available on request. - Wire/cord length and color (black/white) can be changed on request, please write to us. Black cord will be sent by default