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На фото: большая хозяйская спальня в стиле фьюжн с белыми стенами и ковровым покрытием без камина
Adrienne DeRosa
Adrienne DeRosa
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My Houzz: Garage Sale Meets Glam in Ohio

Adrienne DeRosa © 2014 Houzz Inc. Refreshingly bright and airy, the master bedroom was designed with retreat in mind. With five children in the house at the time, Raymond and Jennifer immediately recognized the need for their own floor and claimed the third story for themselves. "It's definitely so high up that it makes it easy to get away," Jennifer explains. "I open the windows that face the lake and just listen to the waves break, and catch a minute." The palladian window is generously sized, filling the room with light and the sounds of nature. The headboard was another piece salvaged and put to a new use. The old barn door was purchased from Jennifer's friend that was moving her store front and no longer had use for it. Seeing its potential, Jennifer and her sister committed to a two-hour journey of getting the door up to the top floor. Paired with white walls and linens, the character of the wood grounds the space with richness and warmth. Photo: Adrienne DeRosa © 2014 Houzz

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