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Свежая идея для дизайна: гардеробная в современном стиле с открытыми фасадами и черными фасадами для мужчин - отличное фото интерьера
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Modern Providence

The fact that this home is in a development called Providence now seems perfectly fitting. Chris, the owner, was merely considering the possibility of downsizing from a formal residence outside Atlanta when he happened on the small complex of luxury brownstones under construction in nearby Roswell. “I wandered into The Providence by chance and loved what I saw. The developer, his wife, and the agent were there and discussing how Cantoni was going to finish out one of the units, and so we all started talking,” Chris explains “They asked if I wanted to meet with the designer from Cantoni, and suggested I could customize the home as I saw fit, and that did it for me. I was sold.” Read more about this project > http://cantoni.com/interior-design-services/projects/rwc-showcase-home-tour-the-providence-brownstones-in-historic-roswell/
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